Live Twitting the Class of ’99 Reunion.

Replicating the Elgin Marbles with PC Alums. 


Replicating the Elgin Marbles with Alums.

On the weekend of 17-19 April, 2009, theClass of 1999 gathered at various local residences and at the Ft. Lauderdale Pier 66 Hyatt to celebrate their 10 year reunion. Some of them lived to tell the tale. Below, please find the Live Twattage Feed I recorded on Facebook. 

Please note: I have reversed the order of the feed (i.e., the uppermost twat was the first I recorded), and have removed the last names of all lawyers, bankers, businessmen, surgeons, soon-to-be-surgeons, captains-of-industry, those-who-have-parents-who-are-captains-of-industry, and (last, but not least) journalists.


April 17, 2009

10:27 PM

Martin Marks is at reunion. Just as in high school, spades were held over vodka shots. As per dorm rules, last person out had to shoot the first moving object they saw off the main quad. PC Pride!!!


10:34 PM

Martin Marks shall be treating facebook like twitter throughout PC 10 yr reunion. Please forgive him for being a twat.


10:38 PM

Martin Marks just examined a piece of property affected by a septic tank. PC Class of ’99!


10:39 PM

Martin Marks wishes to remind Jesse: it’s Affianced, not Enffianced.




The Twatter and Jesse Take a Shot - albeit the girliest shots known to mankind.

The Twatter and Jesse Take a Shot - albeit the girliest shots known to mankind.



10:58 PM


Martin Marks informed South Florida that Sparks has been discontinued. Chaos! Disarray!


11:01 PM

Martin Marks wishes Blair would stop hitting his iPhone!! More chaos!! More disarray!!


11:40 PM

Martin Marks is discussing surfing techniques. Hijinks ensue.



April 18, 2009 

12:00 AM

Martin Marks is more… Complicated….: report….


1:10 AM

Martin Marks a dingo stole my baby!! And it was Scott’s dingo!!!!!!


2:50 AM

Martin Marks ffell asleep in a hamock.


2:54 AM

Martin Marks is PC reunion hour 7 and no handgun fatalities. Success!


3:09 AM

Martin Marks is PC Class of ’99 Champagne Brunch begins in 45 minutes on the lido deck.


3:20 AM

Martin Marks curios to see if scheduling Class of ’99 Champagne Brunch at 4 am is overreaching. Will be in hammock if anybody needs him.


10:21 AM

Martin Marks is regained consciousness, under hammock &. with dingo.


11:32 AM

Martin Marks is your home for Pine Crest Class of ’99 live-twattering feed.


4:46 PM

Martin Marks saw a man in car next to him drinking a beer while driving down i95… How I’ve missed Florida!


4:53 PM

Martin Marks wonders: twatting while driving… Dangerous?


5:09 PM

Martin Marks is continuing the twattage, poolside..


5:45 PM

Martin Marks reunion of the PC synchronized swimming team in the pool at the ft lauderdale hyatt. We still got it!!


Sexytime in Hot Tub Jacuzzi.

Sexytime in Hot Tub Jacuzzi.



6:08 PM


Martin Marks Ash H. declares a contest: whoever makes out with a ’59 classmember gets $5. Let the games…. BEGIN!


6:37 PM

Martin Marks is quick costume change from PC Synchronized Swim Team Uniform monokini (no need for racing stripes!) and he’s off to the ball…


Early 90s Mood Dancing.

Early 90s Mood Dancing.



 7:24 PM


Martin Marks continues the Class of ’99 reunion twattage, live from the Commodore Room at the Ft. Lauderdale Hyatt. Updates as they become available.


7:35 PM

Martin Marks is fancy reunion footwear. Images to follow. 


Nothing wrong here, right?

Nothing wrong here, right?







4:46 PM


Martin Marks (almost) Dr Jon N. is annoyed by my twatting. Success!!


9:26 PM

Martin Marks is slideshow presentation. Teary. Emotional. No teats could explain. (soundtrack=teenage wasteland. They’re really trying to hit up our wallets!!)


9:29 PM

Martin Marks is this is not 10 years ago.



April 19, 2009

12:02 AM

Martin Marks would like class of ’99 to know: pool is open 24 hrs, and is clothes optional.


12:19 AM

Martin Marks is naked swimming, hyatt pool, only PCers would understand


7:05 AM

Martin Marks is good lord, where am I? What time is it?


Asleep like a plank. A 9.8 in form.

Asleep like a plank. A 9.8 in form.



8:20 AM


Martin Marks informed by front desk that pool is not clothes optional. Run! Run!!


9:54 AM

Martin Marks is back to the pool.


10:22 AM

Martin Marks is pain. Throbbing, unremitting pain.


10:40 AM

Martin Marks is pain. Terrible, terrible pain…. And bagels!!! 


PC Post-Apocalypse Poolside Bagel Brunch.

PC Post-Apocalypse Poolside Bagel Brunch.



 11:02 AM


Martin Marks is poolside. Ask Greg about the hot dog and the warehouse.


11:22 AM

Martin Marks Ash H. reports that last night did, in fact, involve paramedics. Upon their arrival, quote Ash H., “Get this girl a beer!”


11:47 AM

Martin Marks billed all towel &. cabana charges to Room #2321. Sorry, Luis, but that’s how we roll in Class of ’99. Go, PC Panthers, Go!


11:55 AM

Martin Marks Ash H., on phone viz last night: “There was just so much blood and we didn’t know where it was coming from!!”


12:09 PM

Martin Marks just saw pictures of the carnage. Literally, haven’t seen that much blood since the elevator scene in the Shining.


12:36 PM

Martin Marks Class of ’99 has checked out of Ft Laud Hyatt–&. with under $20,000 in damages! We really have grown up!


12:38 PM

Martin Marks thus endeth the PC Class of ’99 twattage– at least until 2019, and whatever nonsense iPhone they have by then. (iBrain? iSoul?)

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