Save our Dachshund – 4ever. &. ever. &. ever.

Camilla the Dachshund

New York, NY—Dachshund owners from the tri-state area descended upon Washington Square Park for some sort of wiener-dog day hullaballoo. In the midst of all this was a concessions stand, pictured above, where two people were selling figurines, posters, and t-shirts of the ever-lovable, phallic-shaped doggie. It took me a moment to realize that this was, indeed, a genuine Moment of Fear &. Horror. Why? Simple. The t-shirts read:

[Universal Dachshund Symbol] 4EVER

And the sign, perviously hidden by the dog’s owner:

“Help Clone Camilla”

The people operating the stand were raising money to clone their Dachshund. Despite adorable pictures of the wiener-dog-in-question floating on little clouds, the Freudian symbolism alone makes this:

A Moment of Fear &. Horror.

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One response to “Save our Dachshund – 4ever. &. ever. &. ever.

  1. How strange and weird is that? I was wondering if

    A) Their dog had already died and was currently stored in their freezer as a constant reminder of how much they miss her. Unable to remove a potpie without seeing their beloved Dachshund they searched out an underground cloning company who was willing to experiment on their dog.
    B) Their dog is still alive and kicking, perhaps they feel they have a super Dachshund specimen that they will then flood the market with glow in the dark Dachshunds.

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