Self Engine Optimization


A technophile, interwebucated friend just informed me that in order for this blog to gain a slight modicum of search engine recognition, I should write a post containing a lot of those blue, underlined thingies (hyperlinks, I believe they’re called), with my name (Martin Marks) appearing therein—all as blue and as underlined as possible. And so, in accordance with my friend’s advice, there shall be an upcoming deluge of Martin Marks’es’s. And even though it’s about to say Keep reading →, please do notKeep reading.

We do have one small problem, though. When I say “my name”, do I mean my name, or Martin Marks’s name? For there’s no shortage of Martin Markses out there, all with perplexingly identical Martin Markses’ses names. These include, but are in no way limited to:

  • A music professor at MIT (at MIT? interesting…),
  • A race car driver (Mark Martin, actually),
  • A bizarro MM, who is also British, and also lived in Baltimore,
  • A politician from New Jersey (of course), and, my personal favorite,
  • A man who blogs about cats.

I envy all of their professions &. lives (with the exception of Cat Dude; never been a big fan). However, I am not they, they are not I, &. we should not get confused by the veritable maelstrom of Martin Markses’s. To avoid any further crises, the outsider Martin Markseses’ names will not receive blue, underlined thingies, whereas mine shall. And so, Martin Marksesses’s’ windstorm of SEO shall commence thusly:

Martin Marks. Martin Marks. Martin Marks. Writing Blogs - BlogCatalog Blog DirectoryMartin Marks.

Again, apologies for that narcissistic, uninterrupted series of Martin Markseseses’ssss. In a somewhat related note, does anyone know the plural possessive form of my last name?

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