Gentleman of Leisure: Pimm’s.


Gentleman of Leisure is writer, erstwhile lecturer and notionally overeducated Martin Marks‘s PAPERMAG column on the things he likes and why.

A writer? Drinking?! Alas, I jest not. Back in 2005, I took up the bad habit of editing under the influence. After a post-dinner glass of my favorite wine, I’d sit down to revise whatever I’d written that day, and for a while, I was merry as a lark — however merry that may be. The only problem occurred late one night, when I became so taken with the spirit(s) that I accidentally inverted the backgrounds of two characters. Thanks to a $2.50 glass of Shiraz, Tom, once a soldier returning to Vermont, and Sally, a down on her luck waitress from Pasadena, somehow became Sally, the war-weary soldier, and Tom, a waitress forlornly flipping flapjacks. I didn’t catch this problem for at least one hundred pages.

Though it might have been more helpful to have my computer retrofitted with a breathalyzer, I instead picked up a bottle of Pimm’s No. 1. Read more at

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