Lightning Strikes.


 My father took these pictures from our balcony in Palm Beach just as the clouds rolled in from off the Atlantic, reminding me that there’s something magical about the weather down here. I remember when I was younger playing a soccer match a few miles south of here, the clouds coming in low but it still being bright and hot as though there were no clouds at all. The coaches didn’t hear lightning. The game went on.

Then, the skies opened up and all at once a torrential South Florida rain started to pelt down on our team. We looked across the playing field to see what we should do. But it was only raining on our side. The opposing team was dry as a bone. Their half of the field was sunny. I suppose there’s a lesson or a moral in all that. Then again, I suppose that sometimes, rain is just rain.

Below are some more photos. Click to enlarge, use the comments to write weather-related somethings (if you want). These weather-related somethings should be true, but can be lies. 

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  1. claire rose

    I remember standing on a balcony and looking out at a waterspout over the ocean.

    Oh, and I remember the morning we went out there and saw the “raft” a couple Cubans had braved the waters in to come to the guard house and ask for a Coca-Cola. (Were you even there then? Where the hell were you?).

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