Gentleman of Leisure: Off the Wall.


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When questioned about the identities of my favorite musicians, I’ve always said that Levon Helm (and Robbie Robertson, Rick Danko, Richard Manuel, and Garth Hudson of the Band) and Diana Ross (along with Florence Ballard, Mary Wilson, and Betty McGlown of the Supremes) formed the Holy Trinity of American Popular Music. This has been my strongly held belief for many years, and I’d only concede two points in the matter: that The Band was four-fifths Canadian, and that, as per its name, a Trinity usually suggests a triad of something. For some reason, I was never willing to reveal who I thought should join Mr. Helm and Ms. Ross at the top of America’s musical pantheon. Sadly, the third member of this Trinity passed away yesterday. And so, I thought I’d spend some time talking about what this humble columnist believes to be one of the greatest records of all time, Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall. Read more at

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