Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2010.


The Original Fashion Week Thesaurus.

Though blogging-about-blogging has been my default “lazy blogger” category, the Fictionarium was transformed into a Fashionarium for this past week, and it’s been nothing short of a madhouse. Thus, I thought it might be a fine idea to provide a wrap-up of the flurry of tweets that I twaught, shows that I covered, and articles that I wrote, with the added nugget of  the original hand-written Fashion Thesaurus (pictured above). And so, for those of you didn’t catch my very, very annoying link updates on Facebook, I’ve included everything below. Click, comment, enjoy.

“Under the Big Top”

Last year, a friend referred me to a freelance gig covering most of the shows at Bryant Park. I’ve found nothing quite so fascinating as the eight days I spent picking Empire waists out of a line-up. Read more at The Huffington Post.

Antonio Azzuolo’s a.a. Collection.

It was all about shorts and suits chic at Antonio Azzuolo’s a.a. Spring/Summer presentation. Read more at Paper Magazine.

Rag & Bone.

On or about March 1910, the apocalypse came during a horseback ride through Wiltshire. Read more at HintMag.


If muted, khaki colored simplicity is the marching order of the day, then what of a brand known for their thermochromic, hypercolor T-shirts of the early 1990s? Such is the question for Swaim Hutson. Read more at Paper Magazine.

Loden Dager.

It seems that this season, the boys of Loden Dager have abandoned the clambakes and beach breaks of the coast for the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico, if not Marrakesh. Read more at Paper Magazine.

Band of Outsiders.

The Band of Outsiders show was a welcome escape from the perpetual drizzle that has been plaguing New York as of late, and not just for the beach and sunshine themed presentation. Read more at Paper Magazine.

Michael Bastian.

With del Potro’s machine gun forehand leading him to victory at last night’s US Open, how very appropriate it was that yesterday’s Michael Bastian show proved to be a three act match, and a great one at that. Read more at Paper Magazine.

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  1. Oh i just love it, it’s so great.

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