Gentleman of Leisure: New Balance 993s.

Gentleman of Leisure is writer, erstwhile lecturer and notionally overeducated Martin Marks‘s PAPERMAG column on the things he likes and why.

With 6 p.m. being the start of what I’ve termed our household’s Neil Diamond/Yanni Listening Hour, I don’t like to think of myself as an avid runner so much as a man who has tried, once a day for the past ten years, to escape his family on foot, only to change his mind three to five miles down the road. I’ve come to enjoy these bust outs from Marksatraz, and, to a certain extent, the rhythmic monotony that comes with them –- the drumming of sneaker-to-pavement, my iTunes perpetually stuck in 1997 guilty-pleasure mode, my wandering, limitless thoughts (mostly about iguanas) after a day spent chained to a desk. Read more at

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