Fresh Cola Mentos.

Yesterday, I discovered what may prove to be the greatest candy find of this new decade: Fresh Cola Mentos. With all the fresh-making joy of Mentos, all the flavor of those Haribo Gummy Happy-Colas, it seems as though the treacly bonbon deities are finally smiling down upon us from their Good Ship Lollipop—though by us, I definitely mean those intrepid sojourners who tend to get stuck in very foreign Duty Free shops for two hours or more (e.g., me). 

In rareity, seconded only by sightings of the Energy Mentos (one roll provides two-cups-o’-Joe’s worth of caffeine), I wondered, late last night, if anyone else has happened upon these veritable unicorns of the confectionary world.


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2 responses to “Fresh Cola Mentos.

  1. oh gosh. are they really that good? better than those candy cola gummies?

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