Gentleman of Leisure: Gentleman of Leisure.

Gentleman of Leisure is writer, erstwhile lecturer and notionally overeducated Martin Marks’s PAPERMAG column on the things he likes and why.

I want to tell you about an object or service or good of questionable importance and presumably little market value — though I personally believe the object or service or good is pretty nifty, and think you should know about it — but will first make you endure a 300 to 400 word introduction, all the while employing sentences that are too long and divided by too many parenthetical phrases — all part of my attempt to get to some sort of point about the object or good or service in question. This introduction will more than likely include an anecdote of questionable relevance and/or taste, causing you to lose sight of the object or service or good in question — even though, as I said, I think it’s pretty nifty — thereby rendering its importance all the more marginal, thus even further reducing its already limited market value. Read more at

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