HUFFINGTON POST: Lauren Conrad Interviews Joan of Arc.

AFTER A SIX SEASON RUN, MTV’s The Hills sadly came to a close last night. We can’t believe it’s only been two short years since the star – perhaps you’ve heard of her? – Lauren Conrad stepped off that plane at Charles de Gaulle Airport, wearing a chic oversized beige trench coat loosely hanging from her shoulders and casually knotted round the front – for whom does this not evoke the image of a young Coco Chanel in sailor’s pea coat? – her silken blonde hair capped with a heavy knit cream beret – Faye Dunaway in Bonnie and Clyde, or the Prince song, had he the foresight not to sing about a garish color like raspberry – Lauren Conrad’s strikingly well-shaped legs hugged by tan and white striped stockings – Wizard of Oz, when the farbissiner gets the house dropped on her – but offsetting these neutrals – to remind: trench coat, stockings, beret – with a pair of purple boots – Nancy Sinatra, but ankle length. Read More at The Huffington Post.

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