Fashion Week, Fall 2011.

Adam Kimmel + Carhartt Celebration.

When an invitation arrived for a celebration of the collaboration between Adam Kimmel, the American-born and Italian-studied menswear designer, and Carhartt, the workwear manufacturers, into the night I went. Read more at Paper Magazine.

Rad Hourani.

It’s perhaps difficult to distinguish between the genderless and the unisexual, let alone to render this distinction in clothes. But therein lies the work of designer Rad Hourani, who describes this concept as “gender agnosticism” — as in, there are genders, but not as we know them or wear them. Read more at Paper Magazine.

VMan Party.

It wouldn’t be a #NYFW (for those of you not on Twitter, that’s “New York Fashion Week”) without a Visionaire Magazine party, and this season, they teamed up with not-yet-opened Mondrian Soho to celebrate the 21st Issue of VMan. Read more at Paper Magazine.

Simon Spurr.

The immaculately tailored collection had an equestrian theme, from the distressed leather cavalry jackets with gold buttons, to the gray flannel vests paired with long fingerless gloves, to the horsehair tassels — perhaps talismans — hung from the waists of several outfits. Read more at Paper Magazine.

Ken: The Ultimate Dream Date.

The Council of Fashion Designers of America teamed up with Christie’s to play host to Ken: The Ultimate Dream Date, a menswear-meets-art exhibition of Barbie’s main squeeze. Read more at Paper Magazine.

Antonio Azzuolo.

With the countless snowpocalypses we’ve experienced this season (meaning the past few months, and not necessarily the current runway showings), what an unexpected yet immense pleasure it was to step into the presentation of Antonio Azzuolo’a.a. collection. Read more at Paper Magazine.

Andrew Buckler.

The collection included graffiti artist overalls and zigzag striped shirts, while bright yellow jackets and pants added a touch of brightness to the slushy streets. Read more at Paper Magazine.

Rag & Bone After-Party.

Late last night — and well into the early hours of this morning – Messrs Marcus Wainwright and David Neville, the creative duo behind the fashion line Rag & Bone, led a team of revelers. Read more at Paper Magazine.

Tim Hamilton.

Billy Corgan once posited that the world is a vampire. If such eventually becomes the case, then Tim Hamilton‘s fall 2011 collection, as it was presented last night at the Standard Hotel’s ballroom, would have seemed perfect for every well-outfitted count. Read more at Paper Magazine.

Steven Alan.

The clothes had an easy, agrarian feel to them, as though a group of exceedingly dapper hippies had ditched school and headed to the central plains of Montana, just in time for the fall, seen in his reversible vests and gusset pants paired with knit ankle gaiters. Read more at Paper Magazine.

Bar III.

There once was a time when the term “blogger chic” evoked images of oversized sweatshirts and unwashed hair. Not anymore. Last night, a who’s who of the Internet elite gathered to celebrate the launch of the pop-up store for Bar III, a Macy’s exclusive men’s and women’s collection based on the blog style philosophies. Read more at Paper Magazine.

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