HUFFINGTON POST: Fridays, No More.

Sometimes, there is news too cruel to accept, too confusing for our fragile minds to comprehend, too painful for our psyches to accommodate. We see reports of blood on the streets. Europe is bankrupt. The stock market goes up. The stock market goes down. Congressmen flash their hoo-hah all over the internet. And yet, through it all, there was Friday.

For those who are unaware of Rebecca Black (a doubtful prospect, indeed!) or her magnificent corpus of sheer Euterpean delight (i.e., her one and only song, “Friday”), she is a 13-year-old native of Anaheim, California, a middle-school student, who, on a shoestring budget, recorded a music video that quickly went viral, though deeming the whole phenomenon “viral” would understate the gravity and reach of viruses — with 167,000,000 YouTube views (at least 4,000 of them being mine), more people have watched Ms. Black’s video than died in the 1918 flu pandemic. Read more at The Huffington Post.

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