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AVENUE: Steven Kolb.

If fashion is about appearance, then the calm, soft-spoken man who commands a central role in what could be called the nexus of the style monde seems in contrast with the fast-paced, frenzied fashion industry. “When I first started, Stan Herman liked to joke that I knew nothing about fashion,” says Steven Kolb, the bespectacled ringmaster of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, who has been described, almost universally, as being the nicest guy in the industry. Read more at Avenue Magazine.

Source: Avenue Magazine.

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Lightning Strikes.


 My father took these pictures from our balcony in Palm Beach just as the clouds rolled in from off the Atlantic, reminding me that there’s something magical about the weather down here. I remember when I was younger playing a soccer match a few miles south of here, the clouds coming in low but it still being bright and hot as though there were no clouds at all. The coaches didn’t hear lightning. The game went on. Continue reading

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