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Palm Beach Daily News: Prima Donna Iguanas.

I WRITE TODAY about a problem that’s plaguing our little island, a problem of great social, political and economic import that — should it remain unchecked — may prove the ruination of our properties, our livelihood and our women. I am, of course, talking about the iguanas.

As an avid runner, there’s nothing I enjoy more than a good long sprint down South Ocean Boulevard at around 4 p.m., thereby avoiding both Florida’s 3:37 p.m. thunderstorms and my father’s 5:12 p.m. talks about gainful employment (I’m a writer, suffering from prohibitive amounts of free time, as this essay will no doubt indicate).

On one of these runs about two summers ago, I saw something curious — a large, bright-green lizard sunning itself on the pavement along Land’s End Road. That summer, I kept on bumping into the lizard, and noticed that it was getting even more sizable, and bolder; whenever I approached, it would rear up and hiss at me, a row of spikes now lining its back, a rooster-like (or, in more island-familiar vocabulary, a bad plastic surgery-like) flap hanging from its neck. Read more at The Palm Beach Daily News.

Source: Palm Beach Daily News.

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