The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Sweatshirt)

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then what does one’s picture on the front of a garish, oversize sweatshirt say? I found myself asking this question — along with many others — when I unwrapped the one and only present my family bought me for my 15th birthday. Though bespoke fashion may be all the rage these days, this sweatshirt bespoke, if not be-screamed, a little too much to a 15-year-old. There were the more subtle particulars of taste — it’s white, a color I didn’t wear, and about five sizes too big. Then, there was the white elephant in the room: namely, the larger-than-life photograph pasted on the front, arguably the worst picture ever taken of me, ever. (New York Times)

Palm Beach Daily News: Prima Donna Iguanas

My search revealed the words “diurnal,” “dewlap,” “osmoregulation,” and “Guatemala,” all technical terms that relate to the iguana in some way, shape or form. From my own experiences, I could tell that iguanas grow to become very large, very hearty and very frightening-looking reptile-type plants and/or animals.

Contributing Editor: Antonio Azzuolo: Necessary Luxuries

This season, it seemed that if you didn’t want to look like a Stasi agent, a Vulcan officer, a hunter-gatherer, Rick Astley, or some variation thereof, then the runways weren’t for you.  But Antonio Azzuolo, previously the design director at Ralph Lauren Purple Label, and a menswear designer at Hermès, has spent the better part of a lifetime thinking about luxury and what it really means.

New York Times: Required Viewing | ‘Monarchy: The Royal Family at Work’

When it comes to celebrity, Americans fancy themselves the savviest group on the planet, our radars finely tuned to, say, a besotted Julia Roberts stumbling into an Arby’s at two o’clock in the morning. So what happens when the most famous woman in the world gets her portrait taken by the photographer to the most famous? Some pretty good television.

New York Times: Required Viewing | ‘Jazz on a Summer’s Day’

Bert Stern could hardly be called a one hit wonder. During a career that spans half a century, the 78-year-old acclaimed ad man turned fashion photographer has shot the likes of Lindsay Lohan — and some lesser known subjects like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor. But Stern’s one foray into cinema, arguably the most gorgeous concert film ever made, seems to have been forgotten.

New York Times: Required Viewing | ‘Duck Soup’

 The times may have changed (these days, $20 million won’t buy you a decent submarine, let alone a government bailout), but worrying about the economy is once again our national pastime, and “Duck Soup”’s anarchic populism brings a certain degree of hilarity to our current era of economic decline, with not a penis in site.

PAPER Magazine Column: Gentleman of Leisure  

Gentleman of Leisure is writer, erstwhile lecturer and notionally overeducated Martin Marks’s PAPERMAG column on the things he likes and why.