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The 10,000 Illegal Aliens in my Abdomen.

AHH, SPRING IS IN THE AIR. Students all around Hopkins are doing typical Hopkins things – playing Frisbee, working out at the new A.C., reuniting with friends, drinking heavily – confident that the upcoming semester will bring both good times and hard work. Little did I know that my first few weeks of the new semester would be spent on the can with a few thousand unwanted visitors living inside of me.

That’s right, I’ll admit it. Sometime while I was in Ecuador, whether from swimming in freshwater lakes in the jungle or from drinks with ice cubes in them, I accidentally picked up some parasites. I first started to notice something was wrong when I got back to Hopkins in January. Before I had gone to Ecuador, I usually had about two meals a day and prided myself in going to the bathroom very sparingly . By the time I got back to Hopkins this spring, I found it necessary to put reading material in the bathroom because of the increased frequency of bathroom usage.

At first, this reading material was just old copies of The New YorkerEntertainment Weekly and Maxim. As the problem got worse, though, it soon became necessary to keep sizable novels within arms reach of the can. When volumes of Proust and Nabakov began to compete in number with toilet-paper rolls, I realized that perhaps I had a little problem, or many little worm-shaped problems, as the case may be. Continue reading


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