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HOUSE Magazine: The High Line.

House Magazine,
Issue #11, Winter 2009
Bodies and Structures:
The High Line.

WHEN YOU’VE BEEN IN NEW YORK long enough, the city tends to become a constant of police sirens and spray paint and flimsy umbrellas and weird smells and men hawking coupons and taxi cabs that drive too fast and pedestrians that walk too slow and errant pieces of bubble gum that get stuck to your shoes. The city spends its weeks in offices, returns to its too small apartments at night, and then clogs its highways on weekends, just to get out, for a tree, a lawn, a bit of space and fresh air. For this and other reasons, New York has become divinely sensitive to its landscapes and monuments – sometimes, even when the objects in question aren’t monuments to begin with. Talk about realigning an old fountain, and you’ve got citizen-led action committees handing out petitions, holding protests and chaining themselves to park benches. Such were my initial thoughts when I first heard about the High Line, a string of abandoned railway stretching through the city’s west that, over the past several years, has been turned into a park.   Continue reading

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