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Harpo Marx plays Rachmaninov. Vigorously.

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A Guide to the Marx Brothers.

The other day, I was shocked to find out that most people don’t have a working knowledge as to the names of the Marx Brothers. Imagine!  Seeing as the next few posts here at GB, HR. will revolve around all things Marxian, I thought it might be a fine idea to put up some sort of guide to the Brothers Marx. From left to right:

  • Chico Marx as the piano-playing, heavily Italian-accented punster, so-named because he was the one who – in real life – always got the chicks;
  • Groucho Marx, the grouchy wisecracker, in his trademark greasepaint mustache and eyebrows;
  • Harpo Marx, the mischievous silent partner – except for the occasional horn, whistle, or prerequisite/eponymous Harp solo – dressed in an oversized coat-of-many-tricks,
  • Zeppo Marx (the optional brother) as the pretty boy, named Zeppo because of a childhood affinity to Zeppelin airships;
  • Margaret Dumont (pictured below, sharing a sody-pop with Groucho) as the hoity-toity Gilded Age holdover and foil to the Marxs’ antics – indeed, Groucho sometimes called her “the fifth Marx Brother.”


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