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This Afternoon’s Aquatic Adventures.

From this afternoon’s wake boarding session near the Lake Worth pier, a seven foot hammerhead shark that passed away peacefully and rather close to the shore.

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The House that Bernie Built.

I’ve often said that Palm Beach isn’t just any old island. It’s a place where 20 carat diamonds are termed “manageable,” where people spend an emperor’s ransom on beachfront estates and then never set foot on the beach, where, for some inexplicable reason, very few of its citizens wear socks. The island is also civilized to a fault (when somebody honks their horn at me, I’ve been known to get out of my car and discuss the situation with the other driver), and, as a rule, we do not—publicly, at least—talk about the misfortunes of our fellow islanders, no matter what country club that islander may belong to. Continue reading

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The War of Very Civilized Aggression.


Greetings from sunny South Florida, the new (perhaps temporary) home of the Fictionarium! While our day has been engaged in the pursuit of several immediate short term goals (going to the beach, buying groceries, purchasing a Vespa), I couldn’t help but notice a smidge of a dark cloud on the otherwise placid horizon – one that, for now, doesn’t even involve a hurricane.

According to the Palm Beach Daily News, our little island home may or may not be seceding from West Palm Beach! How exciting! In anticipation of any major skirmishes between the blue coats (them) and gray coats (us – but does Brooks Brothers even make gray coats?), I shall sacrifice my afternoon doses of Coppertone in order to re-work major portions of the Gettysburg Address – Worth Avenue Address? Palm Beach Country Club Address? – even though the phrase “four score and seven years ago” mostly pertains to the birth dates of our island’s citizenry. Continue reading

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On the Palm Beach Mayoral Race.


Palm Beach, where all politics are local – and civilized.


THE ANCIENT ATHENIANS BELIEVED that democracy worked for less than 50,000 citizens – the number of people that could fit on a hillside and still have their voices heard. With its less than 10,000 year-round residents, our little island of Palm Beach could fit quintuple-fold into the Athenian model – mercifully doing so with not a toga in sight. And while we have nothing that could pass for a hill, or even a stump, we do have the old Paramount Theater, where all three mayoral candidates gathered to answer questions before the Palm Beach Town Council Election. The crowd, as the Palm Beach Daily News estimated, was “about 50 people” strong, this information appearing under the banner headline, “Three push for top job.”

For me at least, the race for Palm Beach’s “top job” couldn’t have come at a better time. 2008 was the year that we all became intensely aware of everything political, in part because there was just so much to enjoy – debates, op-eds, situation rooms, crossfires, even holograms, running 24/7 on at least three cable news channels, countless blogs, and – last but not least – newspapers. And I certainly wasn’t immune to this democratic hullaballoo. Continue reading

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Early Birds, Pre-Flight.


Palm Beach, FL—For your Memorial Day Travels, a Moment of Fear &. Horror from Gate B3 of Palm Beach International Airport, namely, my co-passengers on a flight back to New York. Please note that this photograph Continue reading

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