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Found: A Speculative Reading of Lost.

WITH COURSEWORK COMPLETED in Statistics, Mathematics, Physics, Egyptology, Creative Writing, Ceramics, Behavioral Biology, and Archeology, it seems that I’ve created the perfect storm of over-education, thereby allowing me to figure out the ending to the show. This is not a joke. What Northrop Frye’s Fearful Symmetry was to William Blake’s poetry, or John Irwin’s Doubling and Incest, Repetition and Revenge was to William Faulkner’s oeuvre, I’m certain these posts will be to the popular television series Lost.

For instance, though some may be able to tell you that the clock from Lost (pictured above) resets to the Middle Egyptian verb “to cause death” by looking in the cloth-bolt section of Raymond Faulkner’s useful though rather basic Concise Dictionary of Middle Egyptian, how many people would be able to tell you that this s-causative verb swd3, written with a stick-determinative at the end, adds the nuance, “to cause the death of one’s enemy/nemesis”, or would be able to provide a specific reference to this interpretation in the Wörterbuch der Aegyptischen Sprache (of Doom!) (IV Band, p. 78-81, for those who wish to examine this information more closely)? Or that the i comes before the e in hieroglyphs? Or that hieroglyph is, in fact, the correct noun form, not hieroglyphics? Not many, I can tell you that. Continue reading

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A Brief Pictographic History of Love.

Presented above, please find a Brief Pictographic History of Love in Occidental Civilization, the gallery’s twelve images roughly spanning the period from when the Hapsburgs began their rule of the Holy Roman Empire, to Season 5 of The Hills (c. 1450-2009 CE).  The pedagogical ordering of the rows of this Brief Pictographic History:

  • Row 1: 1450-1930 (Religion)
  • Row 2: 1930-1950 (Film &. Suffering)
  • Row 3: 1950-2009 (Television &. Other Things)

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