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What He Saw Several Days Ago.

THOUGH I’M NOT ONE who spends a lot of time surfing (or, judging from my output of late, writing for) the interweb, I’ve been fairly obsessed with Richard Haines’ illustrated style blog What I Saw Today for quite a while. His sketched portraitures—capturing street-style ephemera from subways to runways, drawn on notepads, envelopes, even walls—reveal an eye seeing a world for all of its dapper glory. And even though we were co-Hamiltonian tastemakers, I had never met Mr. Haines in person. This changed several days ago, when, while browsing the aisles of Soho’s Uniqlo, I ran into the man himself. A few days later, a wonderful drawing of this particular Half Reader of Great Books (as seen above and found here) appeared on his blog. It’s an honor and a privilege, to say the least.

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