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Some Writerly Advice for March.

This morning, I wrote to a professor, and included a few lines at the end about the March-time Malaise that seems to spring up every year. Her response, with its accompanying wisdom:

MALAISE MAY BE some terrible wisdom.  I gardened, sort of, the other day and was amazed at the difference it made.  Outdoor exercise, in all weathers, is essential.  But it’s not just moving around; it’s locating an animal appetite, an unwisdom–not foolishness but an absence of knowing better.  So go outside, to a real outside, like the river or Central Park, and just walk around thinking how insipid the advice is and what you could better be doing with your time, and maybe you’ll feel some irrational lift. It is March which matters. Be well.  Bad things are every bit as temporary as good things.

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